My hope is, ultimately, Spaces can even compete with Facebook groups. There are commenting techniques and upvotes. Now those of you that are not sure about Giphys. They are Quora’s equivalent to Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, something akin to a subreddit. And writing competitive SEO content. The first thing that adding ads to Quora spaces will help Quora to make Quora spaces better and to invest more in this technology. And leverage those millions of visitors. You can transfer ownership to another admin by inviting them to be the owner from the "..." icon. But the eBook also comes with free design tools. The name of the book has changed though. What are the roles in a Space and what can each role do? The art of gathering knowledge and then turn that knowledge into a digital product. Currently at 4000 words. How can I hide a user from my Quora feed? They are Quora’s equivalent to Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, something akin to a subreddit. I, for one, am incredibly excited about this. I have grown to prefer Quora above Facebook from an exposure point of view. I called it “Web Traffic Quorantine”, Can’t find a solid channel to get leads? Make Money Through Spaces Earnings Beta Program. From the 7 Quora Spaces, I have created. Quora Spaces must be your work of art. However, I think it does not have the list of all available Quora Spaces. While exposing it to millions of visitors. Because when you build a targeted audience. Will spam submissions be filtered from my Space? It’s an earning program for spaces. I’ve been using Quora for year for personal use and it never occurred to me to use it to drive traffic to my blog. Why am I seeing Spaces content in my feed? You will be blown away at the traffic potential. How do I opt out of allowing my answers to be promoted? Every Space has at least one curator — someone to accept or turn down links and posts before they’re published to the entire following. The most followed Quora space has over 3.4 Million followers which means that more and more people are actually liking this feature. I’ve honestly been surprised by the impact of this tactic. Just too many surprises to include in the required 250 – 300 words when using sub-headings. Another post in a Space also containing 4,100 followers was viewed 1,400 times and received 1 upvote. I can assure you this information and knowledge came at a price of multiple failures. I can’t wait for your ebook! Now (6 weeks later) have a combined targeted follower count of 2989 followers. To share a post, click on the 'Share' or 'Reshare' button that appears directly below the post. This article is all about the new update of ‘Quora Spaces’. Simply because there will always be someone knowing more than you. I find that Quora Spaces are really active. Tagged: #Best #Quora #Spaces. If you introduce yourself as an SEO expert. But truth be told, I’m yet to properly explore it. If you do this, you’ll be among the first to try it. I am rather excited about this one. Which is why another Quora tool will even suggest the best content for Your Space. To invite others to one of the roles in a Space, visit the 'People' tab and click the '+ Invite' button in the relevant section. And now that I am happy with the results from my Quora technique, I finally started on Web-Traffic Quarantine. For example, they can now post or share something inside a Space as an individual post; it doesn’t need to be tied to a user question. And professional presentation can even inspire a certain mood or determination. As promised, all the comments on this post will receive their free eBook once I’m done. But again, I do not want to give it all away just yet. For followers or users unaffiliated with a Space: You can now submit content to any Space that's accepting submissions. You will need to create striking image designs. Don’t believe me? But there are certain rules to follow. Having said that it has a … I cant wait to get e book so i can peverage my favorite platform. Quora launches Quora spaces a year and a half ago. Then, just sit back and watch people interact with your post. You can set a credential for any Space that you follow. Learning to leverage millions of visitors. This all is very interesting and mind boggling at the same time. The Space owner and admins will then review these requests. Getting to know your way around Quora will take a lot of time. Familiar with Digital Sales and Affiliate Platforms like ClickBank, ClickSure, ClickBetter, Amazon, and JV Zoo. How can I transfer ownership in my Space? Quora audiences are exceptionally active. These copies will be sent to all the emails in this post comments thread. As a founder and maintainer of popular Quora Spaces, I … But unlike many LinkedIn groups, which can be spammy because everyone posts and nobody reads, followers of Quora Spaces tend to be more curious and involved. They failed. Contact us for a sponsored post. The site is called Stack Exchange. And my best article — drumroll, please — received a smashing 8,600+ views, 17 upvotes, and 3 reshares. But all of that is covered in much more detail and illustration in my upcoming eBook. But it’s still new. Thanks for your kind words and welcome to my blog. But the tools and techniques to these little tricks are exclusive to the eBook. Join our Facebook Group. Space owners, admins and moderators will see a “Stats” tab on their Space, which will highlight: Additionally, the “People” tab will let all Space visitors see who has contributed content over the past week. Quora Security Update: Partner Program FAQ. We’ve been using the Q & A community to drive traffic to our site for about 3 years now. I think Quara will be a perfect fit for me… I enjoy writing & learning new things so I’m looking forward to your book… It sounds like it will be full of opportunities… Meanwhile, there’s much to learn on here already… Thank you, Deon, for sharing this wonderful platform… Warm regards, Linda Michel White. “Notifications off,” which turns off all notifications to the Space. “Highlights only,” which only sends a notification for the top-voted content in the Space. Social Networking skills include all major Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Google+ and StumbleUpon (And the list goes On). For Space owners/admins/moderators: You will be notified when submissions are made to your Space, and you can approve or decline them from the Submissions tab. And learn to leverage over 500 million visitors. (Spoiler alert: My Quora answer was emailed to over 100,000 people!). If you use all these free tools correctly towards a goal. Writing Craft the Art of Creating Curiosity. Ofcourseme is all about my skills, interests and hobbies. Quora marketing agency in If you missed that one, you can read it here. A community of people can create a space to have shared conversations with each other. And the last one launched 20 July 2020. Be the first to know about fresh content and blog tactics by subscribing to this blog today. The key is to write a high quality post, find a relevant Space with a large following, and just share the URL with an attention-stealing caption. But then there will also always be somebody that knows less than you. We've learned a lot from our experience with blogs and we think knowledge-sharing works best in groups, whether big or small, and want to support that use case really well. What is a Quora Space?