But what really stayed with me after my visit was that concept of what makes a person feel “at home.” It got me thinking about the fact that there are so many different ways that we can define home and choose to live our lives. I marvel at how hard life is, and also how easy it can be. And this time, I’m hoping to do an even better job at taking a step away from it all. 1. “Power on, power forward” with us as we raise awareness and funds in support of Best Buddies’ mission of friendship and inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I was raised to believe that the reason we’re here on Earth is to work 24/7 on behalf of making a difference in the lives of others. Teen With Cancer Donates His Make-A-Wish to Others in Need: The selflessness of this young man is truly inspirational. Do you have feedback on The Sunday Paper? The report explains how a New Zealand firm recently experimented with lettings its employees work four days a week and found that it boosted workplace productivity and improved its team’s overall health and well-being. Thank God I’m not sitting here saying I missed the whole thing.”. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my brother in his new home. Do you know what is looking for you? 5. Notice the new you that emerges when you allow the old to dissolve, however painful it may be. Find out why Tony says we all need to learn how to “relax.”, Author and Architect of Change Parker Palmer is a renowned writer, speaker and activist. Join Maria Shriver and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement for Move for Minds — a day of fun, fitness and life-changing information on November 2nd in Los Angeles! I was taken aback by his words. If so, then become a Sunday Paper ambassador! Women face enough challenges in the workplace; age discrimination shouldn’t be one of them. When women work together, everyone benefits. I look forward to asking myself, “What makes me feel at home? I notice when people leave me encouraging (and not so encouraging) comments. So if you feel like your life is going too fast, then stop. A free weekly newsletter that Inspires Hearts and Minds and Moves Humanity Forward with News & Views that Rise Above the Noise. I look forward to getting time to reflect on how blessed I am, all the while being aware that I have less time in front of me than I do behind me. Maybe. My to-do list was pages’ long, and it was all of my own making. Join Maria Shriver and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement for Move for Minds — a day of fun, fitness and life-changing information on November 2nd in Los Angeles! The day will transform your mind, body and soul — and raise money for critical gender-based Alzheimer’s research! Sit with that. It’s been a remarkable week overall for U.S. women in sports. The Ignatian Spiritual Project offers the homeless, as well as men and women in recovery from addiction, the opportunity to change their lives. Paul Harvey’s son captured the touching moment on camera. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.” — Maya Angelou. In her book “The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu,” journalist Katja Pantzar documents her move to the Nordic country of Finland and how she discovered the daily practices that make Finns one of the happiest and healthiest populations in the world. Should one really work until their dying day? I had a fascinating conversation this week with Architect of Change Joanna Coles, former editor of Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, who spent several years researching her new book, “Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World.” She explains how we can connect on a deeper level with others and ourselves in the modern age. I went back east during that month and spent time reconnecting with my brothers. Let’s keep this kind of research coming. 5. Rumi is of my favorite mystics and, long ago, he said something very profound that has always stayed with me. As I say in my essay, every day is an opportunity to evolve and shine your light! 2. New research reveals that the recipients of an emailed “thank you” felt much more appreciative than the writers expected. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that suicide rates are at the highest level since World War II. After another win on Friday, Gauff is now gearing up for her next big game on Monday. Amen. News to Make You Think: Could You Pass the Citizenship Test? For those of you in or near California, I hope you’ll join Team Maria on Saturday, September 8, as we ride, run and walk in benefit of the Best Buddies Challenge at Hearst Castle! I’ve heard it my whole life and it makes me happy.”. But my essay today isn’t really about why he moved or how his move affected me. Thanks, Lisa! In addition to sharing Maria’s latest reflections, The Sunday Paper also shares news and views “above […] I write this message with the hope that you come to your senses as well. I’m a good sister that way. I’ve always been fascinated by people who followed their hearts and sought to answer this question for themselves, even when they were unsure where it would lead them. Am I in the right place and space? Here at The Sunday Paper, we believe that one of the best ways to foster connection is to gather at a table for conversation and healthy food. Not only is taking a break important for personal rejuvenation. Start by noticing one encounter or one experience every day, and move forward from there. Now, She’s Feeding Neighbors in Need: I love this story about Dera Duplessis, who turned a personal tragedy into her mission to help people in need. Life unfolds in real time with real people, and you only get one chance to make it your own. Thank God I paid attention. My older brother and I are 18 months apart. Subscribe to The Sunday Paper. It includes the mundane, the normal and the everyday moments, like dinners with your family, movies with your kids, walks in the park and conversations with those you love and admire. Thus, I made their ethos my own. 3. Cognitive neuroscientist Carolyn Leaf explains that “not only will we be more successful if we join forces as women, but we also will be happier.”. Before heading out for your summer vacation, read this advice from five experts on how to get rid of burnout symptoms and return to work happier and energized. Well, I’m going to do it again this August. None of us know how long we have on this Earth, so make sure to pause and notice what’s in front of you. Now, to be honest, I’ve been in Colette’s heels before. I also notice that I’m aging. A few weekends ago, I went to visit my brother Bobby and his family in Wyoming. Have you noticed how life is always evolving in that way? The Sunday Paper Architects of Change of the Week: 15-Year-Old Tennis Star Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff. A free weekly newsletter that Inspires Hearts and Minds and Moves Humanity Forward with News & Views that Rise Above the Noise I hope you’ll stop and absorb it, too. for Minds, A free weekly newsletter that Inspires Hearts and Minds and Moves Humanity Forward with News & Views that Rise Above the Noise, THIS WEEK, WE SHINE A LIGHT ON… FR. Or, is there something to the idea of embracing another way of living? I wanted real quality time — time without being digitally connected. As I write in my essay, it’s so important to take a break and reflect in order to move forward. He left LA about two years ago, and at the time, his departure really hit me hard. I notice kindness. Caring for young kids or sick parents. I know people who were school teachers and then decided to run for political office. We want you to help us expand our digital paper route by telling people who we are and what we are putting out into the world. I notice when I feel happy and when I feel sad. News You May Have Missed: New York Anchorwoman Sues Over Age Discrimination. Each week in your email inbox, Maria delivers powerful, thought-provoking content that provides hope for the path ahead. I love this exclusive piece by Sunday Paper columnist Sharon Salzberg, who uses a Ram Dass parable to illustrate why we must stop struggling with conformity in order to relax, let go, and discover who we really are.