The PRS S2 Standard has a solid double cutaway body made of pure mahogany. The S2 Standard 22 Satin is a workhorse guitar for gigging musicians. S2 Vela. The original PRS Standard, introduced in 1987, evolved from Paul Smith’s Pre-Factory all-mahogany guitars. S2 Standard 22. S2 Vela Semi-Hollow. The pinnacle of PRS design, materials, and execution. S2 Standard 24 Satin. With an all mahogany body and 22-fret set mahogany neck, this guitar is warm and sweet, making it toneful enough to stand up plugged straight into an amplifier and solid enough to serve as a great platform for … The S2 Standard 24 Satin is a new approach to a timeless classic. S2 Vela Satin. This helps make it look great and has a big impact on the sound.. Mahogany is one of the most premium tonewoods there is.Found in the likes of the Gibson Les Paul, this dense wood is found in many high-end guitars. ... S2 Standard. S2 Standard 24. The body is contoured, and is reminiscent of the Fender Stratocaster, making it fairly heavy. Choose one of our Private Stock models or let us build your dream instrument. S2 Standard 22 Satin. The Body. The subtle aesthetic of mahogany and vintage vibe of pickguard-mounted electronics give the S2 Standard 24 an understated look for players who prefer a stripped-down approach to their music. S2 … A classic, refinished.