Gepost op 14 oktober 2020, 12:44:21, Laatste bericht door M77 *  It is applied when using relay nodes. Log into the NAS as an administrator and go to “Control Panel” > “Storage Manager” > “Storage Space”. If the plain NAS message contains registration accept then does all the message should be encrypted(including the message type) or only perticular IEs will be encrypted? The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an encryption standard adopted by the U.S. Government. The encryption key file can be used to unlock the disk volume even if you don’t know the password (refer to the following steps to unlock manually. After NAS Security Setup on this post), - "When both ciphering and integrity protection are activated, the NAS message is first encrypted and then the encrypted NAS message and the NAS sequence number are integrity protected by calculating the MAC. Thanks. Vragen en opmerkingen over aanpassingen aan de ingebouwde webserver. Here the message is integrity protected but not ciphered. Gepost op 20 oktober 2020, 16:15:24. If they match, it is guaranteed that the Security Mode Complete message has not been manipulated on the way. A detailed description of the NAS security previously mentioned in LTE Security I[1] will be given below. The UE attaches the NAS-MAC calculated in  to the Security Mode Complete message and sends it to the MME. Before starting, please understand this document carefully and strictly adhere to its instructions. Laatste bericht door Birdy ), Save: If you have saved the encryption key on it, the NAS will automatically unlock the disk volume upon startup (this function only works for disk volumes that have not saved the encryption key before.). Bugs graag melden via "Report Bugs" in DSM. Netmanias was founded in year 2002, and provides in-depth analysis and overview of 4G & 5G mobile, IoT, SDN/NFV, Gigabit Internet and video streaming technologies as well as trends in the evolution, of Korean operators’ networks and services. Why the order of integrity and encryption is different in NAS and AS layer? Log into the NAS as an administrator and go to “Control Panel” > “Storage Manager” > “Storage Space”. Figure 8 shows how NAS messages are delivered between the UE and the MME after the NAS security setup. Over het maken van packages voor Synology Package Center. May I ask, NAS: The Security Mode Complete message is ciphered and integrity protected for transmission, AS: the Security Mode Complete message is delivered as integrity protected. Gepost op 09 december 2019, 18:46:55. Laatste bericht door schenzel In LTE Security I[1], Part I of the LTE Security technical document, we have discussed LTE authentication based on EPS AKA procedure and learned a UE and an MME get to share the K ASME when authenticated. in DS Audio via HEOS soundb... Click “Finish” > “OK” to create the new encrypted volume. Nas count is of 3 byte (MSb being 0) only of which sqn is 1 byte. Voor vragen over het gebruik van Synology met overige Operating Systems. Laatste bericht door Birdy Figure 3 shows how NAS-MAC is calculated using the following EIA algorithm input parameters[2]: [UE ← MME] Sending a Security Mode Command message. Meeste online ooit: 834 (03 november 2019, 09:34:09), Login met gebruikersnaam, wachtwoord en sessielengte, DDNS / Quick Connect / EZ-Internet / Portforwarding. Gepost op Gisteren om 02:08:38. I mean, the quote i made from 33.401, indicate that nas sn is not the one from AUTN, right ? Gepost op 05 augustus 2020, 10:36:14, Vragen over Synology Disk Station Manager 5.1 en eerder, Laatste bericht door Birdy We have corrected the error and updated this web post and pdf files. If your NAS has been installed and you want to create a new encrypted disk volume by installing new hard drives, please follow these steps. ciphering shall be applied to all subsequent messages received and sent by the UE, except for the SECURITY MODE COMPLETE message which is sent un-ciphered. Laatste bericht door dirkjs I'd like to ask the same question as wrangler. Plaats hier vragen mbt. Both Downlink and Upliink. The MME attaches the NAS-MAC calculated in  to the Security Mode Command message and sends it to the UE. Laatste bericht: "Re: Persoonlijke instell..." ( Vandaag om 16:40:13 ) You must decide whether or not to encrypt your data when you create a disk volume on the NAS. Copyright ⓒ 2002-2018 NMC Consulting Group. 2. When RRC messages are being sent, they are integrity protected first and then encrypted before being sent. The first volume (Single Disk: Drive 1) has been created with the option "Save Encryption Key" enabled. When received, however, the NAS messages are integrity verified first and then decrypted, which is in the opposite order of what has been done when they were sent. Please explain as I am not able to get the required information from other sources. 2) Figure 12 is an error. Gepost op Gisteren om 09:52:35. Stel hier vragen die specifiek over de Synology Routers gaan. Over het benaderen van de bestanden op de NAS. If the disk is not encrypted, you will not see this icon. Niet voor vragen over packages of tweaks/modificaties. We will explain the NAS security setup procedure presuming the MME allocates a KSIASME to identify KASME as 1 ("001"). I have no interference nor poor UL coverage. This standard comprises three block ciphers, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. Click “Action” > “Encryption” to perform the following actions: Change/Download/Save the encryption key, and Lock/Unlock this Volume, Change: Enter the original and new password to change the encryption key. In the figure Figure 2. KoiMeeter - Smart Video Conferencing Solution, Hyper Data Protector: Virtuelle Maschine Backup, CAYIN MediaSign Player - Video Playback and Converter, Cinema28 Multi-zone Multimedia Management, DJ2 Live - Private Platform for Live Streaming, QVR Face - QNAP Smart Facial Recognition Solution,, Out-of-Warranty RMA Service Terms and Conditions, ARM-based series with firmware v. 4.1.1 (or newer). When NAS messages are being sent, they are encrypted first and then integrity protected before being sent. Introduction which KDF is used to derive Knasenc and Knasint, how to decipher the signalling messages in NAS security layer? (and/or you can see the the figure in 2.2. 6. If they match, it is guaranteed that the Security Mode Command message has not been manipulated (e.g., inserted or replaced) on the way. Table 1 lists algorithm IDs and algorithm distinguishers [2]. NAS security setup: Delivery of a Security Mode Command message. Security algorithm IDs and algorithm distinguishers [2]. The UE, recognizing the NAS security algorithm that the MME selected, derives KNASint and KNASenc from KASME using the algorithm IDs and the algorithm distinguishers(see Table 1). You can select whether or not to save the key after you change it (whenever you change the encryption key, the original one will not be available anymore. Select the disk volume and click “Manage”. KNASint = KDF(KASME, NAS-int-alg, Alg-ID), KNASenc = KDF(KASME, NAS-enc-alg, Alg-ID), Table 1. Gepost op 23 oktober 2020, 15:08:23. ", - Figure 9.1.2 (added some terms in blue by Netmanias), "AUTN is having sqn of 6 bytes. Gepost op Gisteren om 14:03:47. If checked: The NAS will automatically unlock the encrypted disk volume using the saved password when it starts up. For example: we have two encrypted disk volumes on the NAS. NAS security setup: Delivery of a Security Mode Complete message, if the message itself has been encrypted already then how the UE comes to know that this is the security mode complete message cause the message is an important parameter for the generation of  the MAC vlaue in the uplink direction. Good document, have a observation to share as below:-. in Re: Sickchill verse inst... Voor vragen over de ingebouwde webserver en virtuele hosts. Laatste bericht door Jrk Decryption of the NAS message by the receiver (MME) [2]. As relay is out of the scope of this document, user plane integrity algorithms are not discussed herein. in Re: Video niet afspelen ... Calculation of NAS-MAC for the Ciphered Security Mode Complete message, [UE → MME] Sending the Security Mode Complete message. in Re: BEVEILIGING: Van 1 o... I have 1 more question. "The NAS Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon". In NAS security, while handling Security mode command, Integrity is not known to UE, then does it try hit and trial method and genertate the IK and then X NAS MAC? Are they different message types in RRC? NAS Security . A NAS security setup procedure consists of NAS signaling, between a UE and an MME, by a Security Mode Command message that the MME sends to the UE and a Security Mode Command message that the UE sends to the MME. 282.308 berichten in 36.474 Topics door 20.435 leden. 1) As gecuili said (thank you for the answer, gecuili! I want to kown what tools do you have to make these nice figures? WebDAV. Gepost op 03 oktober 2020, 15:17:30. Gepost op 05 juni 2020, 14:37:54, Laatste bericht door beste-els NVMe SSD SATA SSD. Gepost op Vandaag om 10:26:19. 5. Can somebody explain how the NAS count wrap around works and how it should be handled? Alles over het via internet benaderen van je Synology NAS. Please keep the encryption password/key safe. in Re: SSH root access, zie... The order of ciphering and integrity checking and verification is different across E-UTRAN and EPC. in Re: Persoonlijke instell... If you enable the option "Save Encryption Key", it will only prevent a data breach if the hard drives have been stolen. in Re: Photo backup You will see the lock icon in the “Status” column for encrypted disk volumes. Gepost op 20 april 2020, 12:52:04, Laatste bericht door Birdy (1) Delivering a Security Mode Command message. in Re: inloggen in verkenne... Gepost op 20 oktober 2020, 19:41:55, Voor vragen over het maken van backups naar de NAS, Laatste bericht door Birdy Why is SMC complete message in NAS security procedure is both integrity protected and ciphered while SMC complete message in AS security procedure is only integrity protected and not ciphered. Once the NAS security setup is completed as in Section 2.1, all the NAS messages between the UE and the MME thereafter are encrypted and integrity protected before being sent. If there is a re-authentication after a successful registration, should the re-authentication happen when the UE is in its RRC_IDLE or it have to happen in RRC_CONNECTED. Figure 6 shows how NAS messages are encrypted [2]. Gepost op 19 april 2020, 20:35:50. [UE] Verifying the integrity of the Security Mode Command message. While in E-UTRAN Integrity checking and verification is followed by Ciphering, in EPC Ciphering is followed by Integrity Checking and Verification. A long password that combines letters and numbers is recommended. The data encryption feature on QNAP NAS allows you to encrypt disk volumes on the NAS with 256-bit AES encryption. Gepost op 09 oktober 2020, 16:14:03. All of the data on the selected disks will be deleted. The UE forms and encrypts the Security Mode Complete message to be sent to the MME. Gepost op Gisteren om 13:31:07. Gepost op 18 september 2020, 17:30:20. in Re: NAS via FTP Linix Mi... de NAS hardware van Synology. Figure 4a. in Re: Bèta terug zetten va... The second volume (Single Disk: Drive 2) has been created with the option "Save Encryption Key" disabled. From 36.323, you can find the encrypted should be do first. Laatste bericht door Birdy Gepost op 03 september 2020, 22:20:57. Here the message is integrity protected and ciphered, and all the NAS messages that the UE sends to the MME hereafter are securely delivered. "—— Can you confirm again? & in AS, message is first integrity protected & then ciphered. Nas count is of 3 byte (MSb being 0) only of which sqn is 1 byte. in Kan geen serie toevoegen... A simplified LTE authentication procedure that precedes the NAS security setup procedure is shown as  and  in Figure 2[1].