Temperature abbreviations use capitals because they come from proper nouns. Abbreviations for metric units, including temperatures (Kelvin or Celsius), do not end with periods. So 5'6" would mean five feet, six inches. ), ( © 2009 - 2020 instrumentationtoolbox.com. By so doing, you will eventually become good at reading P&IDs. Measures of mass or weight of types of tons are usually capitalized when abbreviated. ), ( PR - Procedure Unit measure for a service for which there is a standardized process of delivery which neither varies in application or time; i.e. 5 ), ( Metric Data Measurement Abbreviations. For international standards including abbreviations for very tiny and very large units, see Numbers on the P&ID symbols in instrumentation diagrams represent instrument tag numbers. Occasionally, a third letter is included in the instrument abbreviation to describe a simultaneous function or a special function. ), ( There was a different standard There is no need to add an s to an abbreviation to show a plural. For example: the abbreviation “FRC” represents a “Flow Recorder and Controller” which describes both the recording and control functions and the abbreviation “PAL” denotes a “Pressure Alarm Low” which describes, Indicating flow as well as controlling flow, Indicating pressure; controlling pressure, Indicating temperature; controlling temperature, Recording temperature; controlling temperature, Relieving excess pressure in case of high pressure situation, Transmitting measured temperature signals, To relieve excess pressure in case of high pressure, Converts electrical signals to pneumatic signals, A pressure switch used to indicate high pressure alarm, Indicates whether a valve is open or close, Limit switch indicating a valve is closed, A transducer attached to a shutdown valve. 15 Dive into the abbreviations from bits to exabytes. Powered by, ( 3.1 Abbreviations and acronyms. That standard has been made obsolete. Other abbreviations of measurements are limited to lists, charts, technical writing, and informal writing. So km/h is kilometers per hour. Since the metric system uses standard prefixes, you can easily figure out most other metric abbreviations; for example, cl would be centiliter. ), ( This term has recently been superseded by micrometer or µm. Non-metric units with "per" (such as "miles per hour") usually do not take periods, either. 32 6 for electrical conduit threads based on the 55° Whitworth Bit - b . PG – Page Unit measure for reports, letters and documentation other than OCF forms submitted to the insurer. Grand Rapids, MI 49546-6937 1 Bar code symbol abbreviations will be in accordance with the standards or documents cited for use. In standard formal English, they are spelled out. The picogram (pg ) is a unit of mass in the International System of Units, defined as 10kilogram using the SI prefix system. All rights reserved. Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc. http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/checklist.htm. survey of UK gage makers done May 2010 found that most did not The few exceptions that use capital letters are noted below. A new metric thread standard All Rights Reserved. mµ means millimicron, and µµ means micromicron (a millionth of a micron). We Provide Tools and Basic Information for Learning Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Pg thread usage is trying to be phased out in continental Europe. 7 How a Current to Pressure Transducer Works, Common Symbols Used in Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, How to Measure Electric Motor Insulation Resistance, How to Test 3-phase AC Motor Windings with an Ohmeter, How to Read Torque Speed Characteristics of AC Motors, Instrument Abbreviations Used in Instrumentation Diagrams, How to Convert Thermocouple Milivolts to Temperature, Principles & Formulas for Flow Measurement, Typically instrument abbreviations used in P&IDs consist of two letters: the first indicating the process variable and the second indicating the instrument/controller function.